​​​​​​​I was preparing this project for Ronen Bekerman's real-time rendering competition “The Vineyard Challenge”,
 but I was not able to finish it. However, after some period of time I decided to continue this project using 3ds max and Vray.
Being inspired by redesign of the Roman Quarry for the Opera Festivals St. Margarethen,
 “Rocks and metals” presents architectural concept surrounded by rocks. In process of creation, I changed architecture and part of surrounding. 
Every rock is modeled in Zbrush and textured in Mari, for trees and bushes I used Growfx by EXlevel. 

Software: Autocad, SketchUp, 3Ds max, Zbrush, Mari, After Effects, Photoshop, Uv layout, Xnormals, Vray, GrowFx, Forest Pack, Magic Bullet, Frischluft.  
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