Inspired by Viking vessels and Swedish archipelago. 
Kalmar Konstmuseum reminds me viking ship, with its dark wood and claddingThe issue was how to show the connection between the building, which is obiously standing on shore, and the vessel. My research brought me to the Swedish archipelago, which, in my opinion, perfectly fits my idea.
Software: 3Dsmax, Vray, Zbrush, Forest Pack, After Effects, Magic Bullet

Architects: Bolle Tham and Martin Videgård
The modeling of landscape was little tricky, instead of modeling stone by stone I decided to divide the landscape to 5 parts, and for each part I created two 8k maps (32bit displacement and 8bit normal map). I used GeometryHD in Zbrush, each part of landscape has 150 mln. polygons. I refused to use Mari, even 8k maps were not enough for decent quality texture. So, I textured everything in 3dsmax, through Bercon Noise.
 I used Randomize Elements script (3Dsmax), to give wood cladding more natural look.
Thanks for Watching!
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