Project: YARAT OFFICE Year: 2014 Interior Design: Elvin Aliyev, Leyla Ibrahimova Photo credits: Fakhriyya Mammadova

YARAT! is a non profit organization established in 2011, the main agenda of which is to set up a ground for cultivation of Azerbaijani art in both local and international scales.CHALK Studio was commissioned to refurbish a the new office of YARAT! In January 2014. Both budget and deadlines were quite tight, which made it tough to achieve good outcome.The shape of the space is irregular and the safety regulations for office buildings are strict, which created more boundaries for the project. Also designers had to elaborate the possibility of increasing the number of working places and storing the artwork someplace in the office.But Chalk architects decided to turn constraints into possibilities.The official opening was definitely a success. The customer was satisfied and the employees of YARAT! were happy with their new headquarter.600 sqm space inhabits a wide and inviting reception and a waiting zone, a large educational center, a conference hall, free office space for more than twenty people, an isolated and very private room of the CEO, a kitchenette, restrooms, a storage room, a server room, etc.The construction started immediately after the plans were approved. Both parties agreed on creating a loft style office. All the concrete bearing constructions: ceiling and ten massive inclined columns were brushed and lacquered. To facilitate the process all the engineering communications, cables, tubes and pipes were exposed and according to the regulations of Port Baku Tower in order to avoid mistakes in the future were color-coded.The next challenge for architects was to give a design solution to the enormously big vitrine windows which literally were turning the space into a huge aquarium, having in mind Baku climate that could affect the wellbeing of staff esp. during warm days. Jalousie shades made of natural fiber have certain features, which allow passing enough sunlight and doesn’t hide amazing view of the sea – thus it was agreed on using them in every room as a basic material, after decorating each specific room with curtains.The volume of the main space was organized in the way that each person could be easily involved in any kind of working process: discussions, brainstormings etc. while not disturbing others.Built-in furniture, kitchen furniture and reception desk were fabricated according to CHALK Studio’s designs; sofas and armchairs in the lobby were commissioned from CHELEBI– first national furniture brand.Three month passed quickly, the working process was very intensive, nevertheless both parties – customer and architects, were in a positive mood during the construction and this is the reason the project came out successful
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